Have you Heard of Biohacking?

Bio-hacking sign

Who knew there was a term for what I’ve been doing in my quest to be healthier?

I didn’t!

I just recently learned the word "biohacking," and then I started researching ways to biohack my life!

So, What is biohacking?

Biohacking is merely making small changes, or hacks, to reach your health or lifestyle ideals.

Everything that we put into our bodies, from food to our thoughts and products we use to how much we move, changes who we are and how we feel.

You are a scientist for one person, you…

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The Best Essential Oil Diffuser For You

Woman smelling essential oil in a bottle

You have purchased the essential oils, now to find a diffuser! There are so many types of diffusers to choose from it can get confusing. I will break down the choices here so you will find the best essential oil diffuser for your home.

Keep in mind that this post contains affiliate links and in the event of a sale, I will be rewarded a small commission. I only recommend services & products that I truly believe in and I pay full price for any product I review. You can read more here.



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Hormones and Weight Loss

Blackboard with word Hormones written on it

For many women, even those who have never struggled to control their weight before, peri-menopause and menopause become a time when it seems no matter what they eat or how much they exercise their weight keeps going up and up. 

Also, where your body stores fat changes. All of a sudden your once flat stomach starts expanding and becomes what is sometimes referred to as the "meno-pot"!

Of course, this doesn't happen to everyone, and I'm happy for the lucky ones who have escaped this fate.


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Can Yoga Help with Menopause Symptoms?

mature woman practicing yoga at home

Yoga offers many benefits, but can it really help with menopause symptoms?

The research is becoming more and more advanced as yoga grows in popularity. Yoga has shown itself as a reliable method of achieving health and wellness.

Among one of the many areas of health that yoga can be beneficial for, is menopause.

It’s no secret that menopause often causes weight gain and tricky hormonal imbalances. New research shows that yoga for menopause is a great way to manage fluctuating hormones, and …

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Online Dating for Women Over 60

Online dating for women over 60 has become the new way to meet a life-partner!

My Story

How did this small-town girl from Upper Michigan meet a French man born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco? Online, of course!

Terrance and me on one of our earlier dates in San Francisco.

I was 48 years old when my 28-year marriage to my high school sweetheart ended.

We had a very good marriage until it wasn't.

We raised two wonderful daughters that were both in college and our interests changed. As …

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The Facts About Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

White dinner plate with knife and fork as clock hands

If you have done any research into health and fitness lately you have probably heard about intermittent fasting. It is the latest rage, but is it safe, and does it work?

We've all done it, tried all kinds of diet plans that promise unrealistic and fast weight loss results.

While they may boost short-term weight loss quickly, most fad diets promote unhealthy eating habits. In fact, some can severely jeopardize your health because you don’t meet all your daily nutritional needs, which can lead t…

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