Online Dating for Women Over 60

Online dating for women over 60 has become the new way to meet a life-partner!

My Story

How did this small-town girl from Upper Michigan meet a French man born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco? Online, of course!

Terrance and me on one of our earlier dates in San Francisco.

I was 48 years old when my 28-year marriage to my high school sweetheart ended.

We had a very good marriage until it wasn't.

We raised two wonderful daughters that were both in college and our interests changed. As "empty nesters" we no longer wanted the same lifestyle or enjoyed the same activities.

We are still good friends, but with different partners.

So what did I do when my marriage ended? I jumped right into online dating!

I had not been single since I was 15 years old, and I'll admit I was afraid! I had never dated as an adult. It is very different from hanging out with your 15-year-old boyfriend that you grew up with!

I'm rather adventurous, so I enjoyed meeting new people. A couple of dates didn't work out romantically, but we had fun and are still friends today.

But online dating isn't for the faint of heart! You will need to set your ego aside and learn to move on quickly if things don't go as you hoped.

There are many online dating horror stories, but I didn't experience any bad or scary situations.

There are, of course, those that aren't completely truthful in their dating profiles or dating partners that don't feel the same way as you do.

The bottom line is to not get your hopes up too high before the first meeting and to be ready to move on if things don't work out the way you hoped they would.

Online Dating Works

The stigma of online dating has diminished in the past decade.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 committed relationships begin online! There are more men than women who sign up for online dating (52%-47%), which is great for us ladies.

Those that find their new love and get married, experience fewer divorces than those who meet through more traditional means.

A study conducted at Bowling Green State University showed that the "over-60s" age group is the fastest-growing demographic in online dating. And, the researchers learned, the older generation tends to be more honest in their profile representations.

Their focus is centered on compatibility rather than looks or money. Women and men over 60 tend to know what they are looking for in a relationship. They are honest about stating what it is that they want or don't want.

This sense of confidence makes dating in our later years more fun and leads to deeper relationships.

Diving In

For online dating success attitude is everything!

You need to approach online dating with a sense of adventure and don't allow your feelings to get hurt if things don't go as you hoped. You will need to pull on your big-girl panties from time to time.

Online dating app

Dating Site Options

There are a lot of dating websites on the internet! Do your research carefully before signing up to improve your odds of meeting the partner of your dreams.

I met my partner on EHarmony.

This was not my favorite website because of the complicated process required before actually meeting someone. However, it does attract more commitment-minded members and offers more security than some dating sites.

My brother met his wife on eHarmony after he was widowed, and my ex-husband met his wife on

There are many newer online dating sites dedicated to mature dating. If I were to find myself in the dating pool again, I would check them out.

Just keep in mind, the more popular the dating site, the more dating prospects that will be available to you.

Happy Ending

On the whole, I met some very nice men that, while we didn't click romantically, we had a great time together.

I still have two male friends that started out as online dates. I even ended up working for one man that I dated for a short while!

If you are looking for a new relationship, don't be afraid to try online never know who you are going to meet, it could be the love of your life or a new friend! Ciao!



Dan Calhoun

Nice summary for online dating. Just one correction, I was over 50 when I first used online dating, eHarmony. Being a brother listed above, I thought an age correction was called for. After 3 years of cancer with my wife of 24.5 years, I found myself single. My children were both finishing college and moving out soon. I was truly an empty nester. I signed up for 3 month trial and met several women with only a few that clicked. The first one was very nice, a lawyer, 2 kids close to my kids age, young adults. After the third date she broke off the relationship. I asked why just so l could understand what happened. She told that l reminded her too much of her X who left her while she was going through cancer and it was a bad devorice. I was just glad it wasn't something l did. After another month of working on dating I connected with my now wife. She was just ending her 3 month contract and I was heading for a vacation in the UP so we planned on meeting on my trip home. We met. Hit it off and 3 years later we married. That was 8 years ago. Life can start again after 50. I'm hoping not to see if it works at over 60. I didn't consider it fun, but I enjoy being with someone special.
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Thanks for the reply and correction! Since you are just slightly younger than me I relied on my memory and, obviously poor, calculations. We all love Tami and are so happy that you found your someone special!
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