I’m Rebecca and I’m glad you stopped by to learn more about my journey to becoming a crone.

I haven’t always wanted to be a crone. As a matter of fact, I didn’t give aging or crones much thought until I was so far into my crone journey there was no going back.

Once I realized that getting older really wasn’t an option (well, I guess it is, but I REALLY didn’t like the other choice)…

I decided to lean into the crone years and share the lessons I learned along the way.

Crone Lesson 1: Embrace your past

I was born and raised in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I’m the oldest of 5 kids and I spent the majority of my youth as a tomboy, skiing, skating, riding horses and enjoying the outdoors. I still love being outdoors, though some of my activities have changed.

 Photos of “back home”

 We have a lot of black bears

We live on the shores of Lake Superior 

The Lake of the Clouds is a nearby tourist attraction. 

We get a lot of snow in the winter 

Crone Lesson 2: Enjoy the ride wherever it takes you

In keeping with the times, I married my high school sweetheart when I was 20.

We moved a lot during our early years due to my husband’s education and job opportunities.

All these moves gave me the chance to live in different parts of the country: New Hampshire; Lower Michigan (completely different than Upper Michigan); Wisconsin; and, California.

After growing up in a very small town, I relished traveling and living in new places. I really enjoyed getting to know the different communities and people I met along the way.

Crone Lesson 3: You're stronger than you think

My husband and I divorced amicably after 30 years of marriage and raising 2 daughters.

It was scary starting over after 50, without a career of my own. I had gone straight from my parent’s house to live with my husband, I had never lived alone.

I found that I enjoy having control over my life and making my own decisions. I made a few mistakes along the way and learned a lot of lessons.

Life is good.

Crone Lesson 4: Bloom where you are planted.

I've lived in the beautiful Napa Valley of Northern California for the past 20+ years and I’m very happy here.

As with all my previous moves, this one was related to my ex-husband’s career choice, but it was a splendid happenstance! I get to spend every day in California's most visited area. It is beautiful here, and yes, I do love wine. 

Napa Valley sign at entrance to the valley

Crone Lesson 5: The empty nest isn’t all that bad.

Both of my daughters are successfully launched!

Fortunately, they both married local guys and I get to see them and my 3 grandchildren often. Being a grandma is a treat!

That being said, I adore having my own life! Traveling, enjoying meals out, going to the movies or just relaxing in the backyard with a book. After spending years being “mom”, being unencumbered by the wants and needs of children is a freeing experience.

I love having my grandchildren so close by and watching them grow. I grew up having my grandparents just down the street and I know that's a very special relationship.



Crone Lesson 6: Take a 2nd chance with love. It's worth it.

Rebecca and Terrance in Paris

I live with my partner of 10 years, Terrance, and our 2 cats Charlot and Jacou. We met online and have enjoyed many adventures together since our first blind date.

We love traveling! Daytrips, road trips, across the country or overseas, we are ready to roll. Terrance was already a world traveler when I met him, and I’d had a few foreign travels under my belt too.

He was born and raised in Casablanca, Morroco and lived in Spain, Germany & France before coming to the US. It is nice to travel with someone who speaks 3 languages fluently, and a couple of others “sort of”. As a typical American, I speak 1 language, English. But my high school French is improving steadily!

We also enjoy reading, hiking, cycling, and kayaking. We are getting very close to our retirement…we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Why I’m blogging.

Like anyone who has reached the age of 60 +, I have many life experiences that I hope will be of benefit for those traveling behind or alongside me.

I’ve also lived long enough to know that every decade has its pluses and minuses, joys and struggles. I believe in taking a holistic path towards health and wellness and I want to share the tools I use to keep my life in balance.

Discovering ways to create the life I envision for myself is a passion for me. Sharing those discoveries with other visionaries seems like a great next chapter!


the creative crone hiker on top of a mountain